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Universität/Institut:Fraunhofer - Institut für Produktionstechnik und Automatisierung IPA
Abteilung:Refabrikation / Projektgruppe Prozessinnovation
Ansprechpartner:Dr.-Ing. Stefan Freiberger
Telefon +49 921 5573-24
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
Projektlaufzeit:01.01.2009 bis 31.12.2011
Inhalt:Remanufacturing is a key industrial principle and the enabling technology for both, an affordable and resource saving supply of spares parts in the automotive sector.

Remanufacturing turns used parts returning from the markets into »good as new« parts in a five step industrial process: 1. disassembly; 2. cleaning; 3. testing and diagnosis; 4. reconditioning or replacement of components; 5. re-assembly. Thus, engines, gearboxes, turbo chargers, starters, alternators etc. are remanufactured to like new spare parts for the automotive aftermarket – in a global scale (annual turnover of 50 billion €, companies 80.000 with 500,000 employees world-wide), but from mainly local bases: Most remanufacturing companies are SMEs employing 80 to 250 people.

Now, as mechatronic and electronic systems have entered our cars, the technological know-how base of SMEs remanufacturing these systems erodes rapidly – even the industrial principle of remanufacturing is at risk – including its environmental benefits: it saves 90%(!) of material and energy compared to new manufacturing. Remanufacturing car mechatronic and electronic systems (modern cars contain up to 80 such units for engine control, electronic power steering, electric park brakes, etc. communicating with their sensors and with each other) requires methodological innovations and new technologies especially for the tasks »testing and diagnosis of systems and subsystems« which are carried out several times during the remanufacturing process.

The associated technological and economical challenges are unsurmountable for individual SMEs.

The target of this project is to develop innovative diagnosis methods and technologies for automotive mechatronic and electronic remanufacturing:

Relevanz:Wiedereinsatz gebrauchter mechatronischer und elektronischer Systeme in Automobilen
Themenbereiche- Energieeffizienz
- Rohstoff- und Materialeffizienz
- Kreislaufwirtschaft
Letzte Änderung:29. März 2010
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