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Entwicklung eines Schnelltests zur Produktitimierung von Ersatz- und Sekundärbrennstoffen

Universität/Institut:Technische Universität Berlin
Abteilung:Fakultät III Institut für Technischen Umweltschutz
Ansprechpartner:Prof. Dr.-Ing. Vera Susanne Rotter
Telefon: ++49 (0)30 314 22619
Fax: ++49 (0)30 314 21720
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
Projektlaufzeit:01.03.2007 - 28.02.2009
Inhalt:The project is based on pre-investigations on analytical issues of the quality control of waste derived fuels . Those investigations showed deficits their practicability but also in their ability meeting the user's information demand.
Currently, the development of a fast test system is purpose of a cooperative project between three German research institutes. This system is aiming at a quick, easy and cost effective determination of relevant parameters describing the characteristics of waste as fuel such as caloric value, water-, ash- and chlorine content. It consists of an oven-system, gas distribution system, measurement devices and evaluation module. By using bigger size samples of up to 5g (standard analytical methods normally use 100-1000 mg) the chance to measure ‘outlier'-values can be minimized.

The funding through the Industrial Research Association shows the close interaction between the participating research institutions and the participating industries and enterprises. The half-yearly meetings of the project advisory board, consisting of 10 delegates from participating industries and enterprises benefiting from the research, lead to intense and fruitful discussions on how to approach the actual challenges in quality control of RDF/SRF.

Relevanz:The marketability of refuse derived fuels (RDF) and solid recovered fuels (SRF) is affected mainly by varying fuel-quality and contained contaminants. A meaningful and reliable fuel-characterization is, therefore, of interest to producers and users of the fuels as well as to public authorities. Moreover the analytical results generally are only available after a few days, which preclude a short-term process control that is of interest to both parties in the market (producers and users of RDF/SRF). Rapid test methods which minimize the costs, time as well as man power can help to improve the marketability of RDF /SRF.
Kooperationsmöglichkeiten:Vattenfall Europe Waste to Energy Rüdersdorf GmbH
Themenbereiche- Umweltfreundliche Energieerzeugung
- Kreislaufwirtschaft
Letzte Änderung:29. März 2010
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