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urban.network HCMC

Universität/Institut:BTU Cottbus
Abteilung:Fakultät 2 / Institut für Städtebau und Landschaftsplanung / Lehrstuhl für Regionalplanung
Ansprechpartner:Gastprof. Brigitte Scholz
+49(0)355/69 2138
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
Projektlaufzeit:Oktober 2008 bis Oktober 2010
Inhalt:The thematic focus of the overall research project “urban.network HCMC” is on sustainable strategies for energy- and climate-efficient urban development and housing typologies for megacities of tomorrow using the example of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
The projected outcomes of this work package in the responsibility of the chair of regional planning at the BTU Cottbus are recommendations for adapting urban development to the local impacts of climate change at the levels of the region and the city as a whole including the development and evaluation of various scenarios for energy-and climate-efficient urban development of HCMC. The identification of potential areas for developing housing in the built-up areas will be an important input for renewal and adaptation strategies on the neighborhood level.
Relevanz:Energieeffiziente Megacities, Nachhaltige Stadtentwicklung
Kooperationsmöglichkeiten:Transportation Consultant, Berlin, Department for Planning and Architecture (DPA), HCMC, Southern Institute for Urban Rural Planning and Development (SiURP South), HCMC
Themenbereiche- Umweltfreundliche Energieerzeugung
- Energieeffizienz
- Nachhaltige Wasserwirtschaft
- Nachhaltige Mobilität
Letzte Änderung:13. März 2010